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About Me

Hello, I am Dani, short for Danielle, and I am a patient, positive, bubbly person who loves to declutter! 

I love listening to audiobooks, going for long walks, sweating at spinning classes, wild swimming and yoga. 

I am a proud mother to two young boys.


As a professional organiser based in Surrey, I help people transform their homes and lives by creating organised and functional spaces that bring them peace and joy. My personal experiences have shown me the value of decluttering and simplifying one's life. Moving homes and traveling to over 60 countries has taught me the importance of packing light and living with only the essentials. I bring a unique perspective and approach to my work, helping my clients gain control over their possessions and create a space that reflects their values and goals.


I started off my working life in administration for the NHS, I then worked for many years as a business development manager in the business travel industry.  Because of my success I was asked to work in Vancouver, Canada for a year, and then Chicago IL for three years.  Both my boys were born in the USA and we returned to the UK in 2020, mid pandemic to be closer to family and friends.

I love gardening, and I run another business as an independent gardener.  I have realized so many parallels can be drawn between my two businesses.  Read More

It brings me such happiness and satisfaction to help others overcome their clutter and I personally know the benefits, from saving time, to saving your mental health.  I look forward to helping you on your journey, please do get in touch.



Dani tailors her approach to clients unique needs
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...a bit more about me

As I mentioned, I have an independent gardening business that I run alongside Dani Declutters and there are a lot of parallels between the two.

Gardening can be hard, dirty work, but the results bring beauty and joy, and a sense of calm.  Having a beautiful garden takes time, you can’t achieve it in a weekend, you need to break the garden down into sections, focusing on one area at a time, just like decluttering your home.  It can get overwhelming very quickly if you try and tackle the whole house at once.

Once you have spent a dedicated time in an area of your garden, weeding, deadheading, pruning, pulling out dead plants, you need to constantly tend to it.  If you were to leave it, plants would die with no water, weeds would grow, and the area would become overgrown.  The same is true for the clutter inside your home.  Once you have dedicated your precious time to decluttering and organising your home, the area will not stay like that unless you regularly “weed, prune and pull out any dead plants”. This comes in many forms, from a regular 15 minute daily tidy and re-set in the evenings (weeding) to seasonal decluttering and reassessment of organisational strategies (pruning).


Decluttering is not a skill that is taught, and I am passionate about teaching my children and leading by example.  So often we tell our children to “tidy their rooms”, but do not give them the tools or structure they need to achieve this.


When I am stressed or overwhelmed, I look for a cupboard or space to declutter and reorganise, I can’t tell you how much pleasure this gives me! It helps bring peace and order to my chaotic life with two energetic young boys!  By knowing where all of my possessions are, I save time hunting for items, or pulling out a whole cupboard in order to find something.  I only own things that I love and use, (and a cupboard full of toys!) and I don’t feel weighed down by “stuff”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a minimalist, not even close, I love stuff, but my home is clutter free.  It occurred to me that this mindset does not come naturally to all people, and I found myself helping family and friends in their homes, coaching them let go of the unwanted items and items they no longer use to create a calmer, more organised home. 

And so, Dani Declutters was born!


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